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Bright and Comfy Minimalist Apartment in Stockholm

March 23, 2011 Apartments  

modern living room apartment in stocholm

Only 39 square meters the apartment standing up but comfortable and beautiful. The apartment it’s located in Stockholm, white color is dominant  in these apartment and enough space for sofa and a dining table. The open kitchen area it’s equipped perfect for six people. Where they can perform activities like a cooking or chatting with friends. The bedroom area has a double bed despite the small space. The apartment enjoys alot of natural light enough to read a book on the brown couch. Again the white walls highlights the brown couch and the dining table. so the furniture seem bright and alive. The apartment has everything for comfortable living.

minimalsit apartment in stocholm

living room aparment stocholm

minimalist kitchen design and dining area

dining area in apartment stocholm

white bedroom in apartment stocholm

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