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Black White Residence near Stockholm Featuring Modern Interiors

October 3, 2011 Interior Design  

black and white home in Stockholm

The amazing white and black residence with modern interior shown below is. This house have two level room and looks fresh, clean, bright and stylish modern homes.  Located in the Fruvik area just outside Stockholm, Sweden. With1,845 meter square open floor plan is divided into three large, bright bedrooms, two living rooms, kitchen and dining area, all overlooking the water.  White walls and dark floor, on the first level is elegant space where a contemporary dining space can accommodate more 10 people. The lounge has a cast iron stove adds beautiful and functional character to the room, creating a cozy atmosphere, especially during the cold season. A terrace allows the inhabitants to enjoy fresh air and views of the waterfront and two staircases allow easy access to the beach. A master bedroom comfy give warm atmosphere will be pampering the owners, while the bathroom has comfortable under floor heating. All in all, this place might not seem interesting from the outside, but the interiors are fantastic. If you look at the photos of the house below you too would agree that it indeed is very modern and stylish. For more information visit {esny}

modern home interior in Stockholm

hall in Stockholm

modern dining table in Stockholm

large dining table in Stockholm

girls bedroom in Stockholm

bedroom set in Stockholm

white kitchens in Stockholm

modern dining tables in Stockholm

modern bathroom in Stockholm

house with terrace in Stockholm

terrace house in Stockholm

Beautiful house in Stockholm

map of house in Stockholm

map house in Stockholm

the map house in Stockholm

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