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Black White Home in Bethesda, Maryland by David Jameson Architect

September 30, 2011 Architecture  

black white house in bhetesda by David Jameson

Black white home Designed by David Jameson Architect located in Bethesda, Maryland, United States. A very comfortable dwelling surrounded by large trees. The atmosphere is cool and quiet can be seen clearly in the residence. The design concept is building around the ruins in order to explore all ideas, glass temples, black frames, and the white plaster that can be seen in contrast with the natural surroundings, while offering views of the landscape outside. This building consists of living room, kitchen, garage, bedroom, living room, and bathroom. Architects renovate the first floor level and make additions to the second level with a significantly smaller footprint. Alluding to the Acropolis, the four modern glass temples emerging from the base of white cement serves as the volume of light, in order to define a space between each other. The volume of light can be woven together by the circulation core coated in black which extends to the cradle on each space. Volume is light instruments, gather natural light to the interior during the day and glow in the landscape at night. The volume of glass from the upper level windows and incised into the main level cement to considered as a lens for landscapes. Facing side of the road from the site, long and thin ‘census’ window to give focus to the measured cadence of the tree trunk when the sight of passing vehicles. Above, the volume of glass provide panoramic views to the tree canopy and sky above. In the backyard, one volume of glass slices through the base for a story burdened the two views. Make it so beautiful and calm the mind which is saturated because it is far from the crowds.

black white house design by David Jameson

comfy black white house by David Jameson

black white house design  by David Jameson

black white house by David Jameson

black white house

black white interior design by David Jameson

black white interior by David Jameson

black white interior

black white interior design

modern bedroom design

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