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Black and White Apartment in Tokyo – Room 407

June 1, 2013 Apartments  

black white apartment Room 407 Studio PANDA

For people who live in compact condo or small apartment, color combination black and white could be a great solution ideas. This is one of innovative combination of color that has been shown in apartment Room 407, a clean minimalist black & white apartment, designed by studio PANDA, situated in the financial district of Tokyo. “All rooms are located in sequence along the new diagonal axis. The black and white diagonal split creates exaggerated perspective effect so that the space feels more spacious. And rooms that require privacy are located at both ends of the spatial sequence.” In addition, apartment  equipped by modern furniture with black and white color and using open space style.  In my opinion, this apartement look so cool and elegant, how about you? For more infomation visit – archilovers

black white apartment decor Studio PANDA

black white apartment Room 407

black white decorating ideas Room 407

black white interior Room 407

black white interior Studio PANDA

modern interior in apartment Studio PANDA

modern kitchen Room 407

bedroom in apartment Studio PANDA

white bedroom Room 407

black white bedroom design Room 407

black white bathroom Room 407

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