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Beautiful Hand-made Bar Of Wood And Leather

October 13, 2011 Uncategorized  

beautiful handmade and leather by Toncelli

If you buff to drink expensive alcohol, expensive wine, cognac, brandy, whiskey, of course you do not want menempatkanya at regular cabinet or sideboard. You must have a classy bar and very beautiful. Maybe you want this one bar from Toncelli Italian brands. Bars are handmade, they are produced from natural leather and wood, and there are only a few metallic materials. Here you will be able to place not merely to keep your drinks but you can also put together the wine-glasses. This bar is also decorated with the face of Bacchus (the god of wine) from the image of Caravaggio. The bar is very nice, luxury and classic, what could be more beautiful this bar?

wod bar design by Toncelli

luxury bar furniture by Toncelli

multifunctional bar furniture by Toncelli

bar wood furniture by Toncelli

luxury handmade bar by Toncelli

beatiful bar picture by Toncelli

modificasion bar furniture by Toncelli

multifuctional handmade bar by Toncelli

unique bar furniture by Toncelli

classical bar furniture by Toncelli

modern handmade bar by Toncelli

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