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Beautiful Apartment Design Inspires Harmony and Relaxation with Friendly Design

November 3, 2011 Apartments  

beautiful apartment design Alvhem

This is a beautiful apartment that inspires harmony and relaxation, the apartment composed of two rooms plus kitchen with layout is clever and inspiring. The building combines modern style with traditional details in a fascinating way. This is wonderful Scandinavian apartment with a very friendly design. The walls are painted in a broken white color, along one wall, there are several large cupboards that provide plenty of storage and old wooden floors feel soft against bare feet, a large sofa, a dining table for four people, a peaceful bedroom with large windows overlooking the quiet courtyard.  The beautiful kitchen design makes the elegance of this apartment. For more information visit Alvhem

modern living room in apartment  Alvhem

modern living room design  Alvhem

living room area in apartment  Alvhem

corner fireplace in apartment  Alvhem

minimalist dining table  Alvhem

minimalist kitchen design  Alvhem

white kitchen in apartment  Alvhem

kitchen area in apartment  Alvhem

white kitchen in apartment  Alvhem

white apartment bedroom Alvhem

apartment bedroom set Alvhem

bedroom design  Alvhem

small table in bedroom  Alvhem

apartment bedroom Alvhem

modern bathroom design  Alvhem

plan home  Alvhem

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