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Bathtub Inspired by Ocean Wave Designed by Manuel Dreesmann

November 11, 2011 Bathroom Design  

bathtub ocean wave bagno sasso

This amazing and original looking bathtub Ocean wave collection comes from German designer Manuel Dreesmann and Swiss bathroom brand Bagno Sasso. For today we featuring inspired by ocean wave bathtub collection, curvature at wing  “waves” and “wings” that mean their names – boast a free-form aesthetic that seems to have a mind of its own, perfect for placement in the center of the room. According to Manuel Dreesmann, the designer of both Ocean Wing and Ocean Wave displayed below, these two bathtubs fit perfectly into the modern bath lounge. The main structure of both bathtubs is made out of corian which makes the organic and dramatic forms possible. Ocean Wing plays with the natural element of wood outside and the warm and hygienic corian in the inside. The contrast of this materials and the form, which combines this two harmonically, are the key design elements of this bathtub. An amazing bathtubs collection suitable for a refreshing shower after activities all day.

modern ocean bathtub bagno sasso

amazing bathtub bagno sasso

modern bathtub bagno sasso

wooden bathtub bagno sasso

sailor bathtub bagno sasso

shell bathtub bagno sasso

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