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Basemant More Bright And Colorful With The Redesign

November 3, 2010 Interior Design  

colour Basement1

Annie Selke is able to change his basement into a bedroom a fresh bright and colorful it is suitable for adolescent daughter. Because of the desire girl who was 17 years old, he wanted to have a spacious, bright and fun. By moving a few items that are not needed, clean up and designing the basement. Reforming some bright colored furniture, combined with wall decorations, put a few lights and windows for light free entry. So which was originally very dark basement room is now a bright, colorful and well liked young women they are more comfortable to stay the room underground. [ housebeatiful ]

colour Basement 2

colour Basement 3

colour Basement 4

colour Basement 5

colour Basement 6

colour Basement 7

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