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Apartment with Modern Design Interior in Stockholm

April 10, 2011 Apartments  

modern living room Birkastan

With  97 square meters apartment and situated in Stockholm’s artistic Birkastan neighbourhood. White walls, wood floor and modern decor, these apartment featuring a comfortable environment expect anyone would feel at home here. With an open plan living area and kitchen, a lovely living room with large windows, so the urban atmosphere will be evident in the living room, two bedrooms have many storage areas, and carefully designed to fit the rooms. The loft offers a generous living space, full of modern furniture with double bathroom, including a lovely suite with jacuzzi. Panoramic views of the southern part of the city can be seen from a terrace. A beautiful apartment with comfortable environment and urban views.

spacious aparment room  Birkagatan

modern living room design Birkastan

Birkastan modern interior apartment

Birkastan modern living room design

Birkastan modern bedroom design

beautiful kids room Birkastan

minimalist bedroom Birkagatan

Birkagatan modern kitchen design

modern kitchen Birkastan

Birkastan cozy terrace

modern bathroom design Birkagatan

Birkagatan apartment in stockholm

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