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Amazing Tree House Eco-Perch by Blue Forest

March 9, 2012 Tree House  

amazing tree house ECO PERCH

Every tree house is different, depending on where you live and what type of tree house you want. Here is an option : Eco-Perch was designed by Sussex-based architecture and construction firm Blue Forest and ensures a high living standard. Here some word from the Architects : ” The ECO-PERCH design is flexible and can be adapted to suit your site where existing infrastructure is already in place. With options to assemble your building on the ground or in the treetops there are infinite possibilities for creating accommodation with a difference. To simplify the planning requirements the building has been designed to conform with the Caravan & Mobile Homes Act.” Tree houses ECO-PERCH are cool with modern interior, This will make you comfortable. For more information please visit Blue Forest

tree house ECO PERCH

tree house ECO PERCH design

tree house interior ECO PERCH

interior  tree house ECO PERCH

eco perch tree house design

tree house plan ECO PERCH 1

tree house ECO PERCH 2

tree house ECO PERCH 3

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