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Amazing..! Small and Beautiful Apartment in Swedish

January 18, 2011 Apartments  

small and beautiful  apartment design

Amazing small and beautiful apartment in Swedish with 42 square meters, offer room apartment which airy and bright with windows offering views to the Alfhemsgatan. The atmosphere of the room became very harmonious, living room and kitchen able to invites you to cooking or socializing, thanks to the open layout,  such as bedrooms are able to socialize with the living room, make the atmosphere more comfortable.  which will enhance communication between the rooms. Using a white wall so as to adopt the light, the room looked bright. Furniture arranged to make a room look spacious and neat, the atmosphere of the others will we feel when we can live in a small apartment and this beautiful. Alvhemmakleri.

beautiful apartment decor

small apartment design

minimalist living room decor

cozy bedroom in small apartment design

small kitchen design

minimalist kitchen design

beautiful bathroom in small apartment

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