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Amazing Modern Apartment with Striking Interior Design – Triumph Palace Apartment in Moscow

February 29, 2012 Interior Design  

Amazing Modern Apartment in Moscow

This is an amazing modern apartment with striking interior design, envisioned by designers Alexei Nikolashina, Alexandra Fedorova and Irina Shumaeva, in Moscow’s. For those who like interior design this modern apartment  will be the delectation for an eye. Apartment interior design ideas is very comfortable, creative and even unique. The chromatic harmony of this project is achieved by white walls and floors, contrasted subtly by wooden accents and strongly by a dark-yellow TV and bookcase unit. The living area is minimalist and communicates with the kitchen, separated only by an elegant wooden bar, suspended more than one meter above the floor. There’s some special thrill in this wonderful house equipped with modern kitchen and glass dining table for six people,  modern bathrooms, lounge rooms with lounge chair and luxurious master bedroom and will leave an unforgettable impression on all of the visitors.

modern living room  in apartment Rusia

modern interior photo apartment Rusia

modern interior design apartment Rusia

modern interior in apartment Rusia

modern home interior in apartment Rusia

decorating ideas in apartment Rusia

lounge area in apartment Rusia

modern kids room apartment Rusia

modern kitchen in apartment Rusia

minimalist kitchen in apartment Rusia

master bedroom in apartment Rusia

white bedroom design

modern bathroom design in apartment Rusia

modern bathroom in apartment Rusia

modern bathroom zink apartment Rusia

modern bathroom zink in apartment Rusia

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