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Amazing Curl Curl Beach House Design by CplusC Architects

October 15, 2011 Architecture  

Curl Curl Beach House by CplusC

CplusC Architects has completed Curl Curl beach house situated on Sydney’s Northern Beache. The residence occupies an area of 2,790 square feet and took 24 weeks to build, on a budget of 500,000 Australian dollars.  The designers exploiting the structural and aesthetic benefits of timber with amazing results. This house consists of two bedrooms, bathroom, open dining room, kitchen, living room, and deck. The building responds to changing climatic conditions through natural ventilation in all directions, two fish ponds and vegetation integral awnings cool summer breeze, and timber screening to color the living room while providing privacy. Public space to the east is separated from the private sphere to the west by the central structural zone. Made of wood and coated with a veneer Spruce studwork accommodate these core services and home storage requirements and integrate the corridor that connects public and private areas. Curl Curl beach house is comfortable palce for enjoy the summer time.

beach house  picture by CplusC

beach house by CplusC

beach house design by CplusC

wooden summer by CplusC

wooden beach house by CplusC

teracce beach house by CplusC

beach house decoration by CplusC

wooden summer by CplusC

modern beach house by CplusC

minimalist living room by CplusC

minimalsit dining table

modern kitchen by CplusC

wooden house interior by CplusC

dining area in beach house by CplusC

corner dining table

hall wooden house by CplusC

bathroom ideas

modern bathroom by CplusC

black white bathroom

bathroom cabinets in beach house

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