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Amazing Country House With Stone Decor Designed by Mestre Paco

August 4, 2011 House Design  

unique house design Mestre Paco

Country House at this time are a lot of  uses of stone materials in decoration very amazing, this house have two level with wall stone, punctuated by wooden shutters, creates a picture-perfect exterior, accentuated by the use of simple patio furniture in the garden. Interior spaces are defined by the white beams hovering over the serene arrangements accentuated by natural stone walls.  The existing flooring with using small stone at the entrance and living room is used as a way to detach the interior design from over-exposure to modern design and keep the balance of the overall look. With nuance stone accents and soft colors like beige or gray natural, this stone house was looks charming and cozy, presents an everlasting design with a unique feel. For more information visit [mestrepaco]

unique living room design Mestre Paco

natural house design by Mestre Paco

dynamic room in country house Mestre Paco

natural living room design Mestre Paco

cozy bedroom design in country house Mestre Paco

natural bedroom design Mestre Paco

modern kitchen design Mestre Paco

natural kitchen design by Mestre Paco

hall stone house decor Mestre Paco

natural bathroom design Mestre Paco

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