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Amazing Apartment Design from Geometrix Design – Fantasy Island

April 22, 2011 Apartments  

minimalist  living room design Geometrix Design

Very amazing apartment design  interior,  provides a truly outstanding quality of living, located  in Moscow, Russia,  the project called with  “Fantasy Island ”  Through the entrance hall to enter the large living room, where with the help of glass partitions extending the kitchen is not set. The main emphasis is focused inside the home theater area. This is not only the necessary part of the living room, but also the object of art. The panel to turn off the television ad notam “becomes an invisible part of the great black glass panel with the integrated whole light-emitting diodes (LED). The living room  looks elegant and dynamic with a sophisticated and modern furniture, combination black and white color, white rugs, sofa and comfortable chairs. The kitchen  the transformer table with the remote control. With one touch-and we get the dining-table, or bar counter. The bedroom with a big quantity of windows has the separate WC-and-bathroom unit and the dressing room.  This is  an  amazing apartment design and luxury place.

modern living room Geometrix Design

amzing living room Geometrix Design

open living room Geometrix Design

modern bedroom Geometrix Design

dynamic hall Geometrix Design

kitchen design Geometrix Design

modern kitchen area Geometrix Design

luxury batroom area Geometrix Design

black and white bathroom Geometrix Design

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