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A Spectacular Washington Park Residence by Sullivan Conard Architects.

October 2, 2011 Architecture  

spectacular residence by Sullivan Conard

The Washington Park Residence sits on a bluff overlooking Lake Washington and the Cascades design by Sullivan Conard Architects. The residence built with concrete, steel, wood, and stone comprise the restrained material palette.  The green roof mitigates storm water runoff while the geothermal heating system reduces fossil fuel consumption. A quite strong relationship was developed with architecture and interior design, looking at modern residence on a regular basis. Explores the contrast between mass and transparency with thick, thermally insulated concrete walls forming the major portions of the street facade.  The walls are layered and modulated to provide carefully framed views from west facing rooms, add depth and shadow to the facade, and orchestrate the entry sequence through the courtyard to the front door. From the inside, one can enjoy the views through floor to ceiling steel framed windows and doors. Two concrete chimneys warm up the interiors of the main volume, where the living zones are situated like living room, kitchen and library, while the private bedrooms are located in a separate wing. Is amazing Washington Park Residence strategically located and overlooks Lake.

spectacular house by Sullivan Conard

living room Washington Park Residence

the living Washington Park  by Sulivan Conard

interior design by Sullivan Conard

bedroom decor by Sullivan Conard

unique staircase by Sullivan Conard

lounge outdoor Washington Park by Sullivan Conard

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