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75 sqm Apartment Combining Vintage and Modern Decor

April 6, 2011 Apartments  

modern living room Stora Nygatan Apartment

Combining vintage furniture and modern decorations  in a small apartment is very amazing and beatiful look. Located in Stockholm’s Stora Nygatan Street, on the 4 level. The apartment has been remodeled to suit modern needs. Whitewashed walls of the living room accent the oak parquet flooring and big windows as to adopt a light into the room, room looks  bright and clean. The kitchen has a metal frame and dark wood , while the modern furniture is painted white. Large oak planks cover the floor. The bathroom has a corner shower doors separated by arches contemporary glass zebra. A spacious lobby acts as office space, making the apartment look bigger and brighter. by adding flowers or small plants in each room, the apartments looks more beautiful and charming.

bright living room Stora Nygatan Apartment

hall Stora Nygatan Apartment

dressing area Stora Nygatan Apartment

modern bedroom Stora Nygatan Apartment

modern kitchen Stora Nygatan Apartment

kitchen Stora Nygatan Aparment

modern bathroom Stora Nygatan Apartment

bathroom Stora Nygatan Apartment

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