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55 Sqm Apartment Renovated Features in A Bright and Playful

March 25, 2011 Interior Design  

modern living room Lorensberg

Interior apartment renovated bright and playful situated on Wadman Street, in the Lorensberg neighbourhood of Gotenberg, Sweden. The white walls in the hall to bring to the light of all the windows and original wood floor was painted to accentuate her beauty. Large windows are placed in the living room and kitchen to adopt a light so looks clean and bright. A living room is accentuated by generously high ceilings, oak parquet and high skirting boards. The living room and a small bedroom are both brightened by colourful wallpaper. The kitchen opens to show its amazing features: white rustic furniture, accessories, stainless steel and oak counter classic. A dining table for 4 to 6 people was placed by one of the original walls painted white. A lounge along with a collection of books and a chair will add convenience.  This intriguing 55 sqm apartment is a delightful private space that can be rented. For more information visit this web Alvem

modern white  living room Lorensberg apartment

large windows Lorensberg apartment

big mirror Lorensberg apartment

playful apartment Lorensberg

comfort longue area Lorensberg

hall Lorensberg apartment

beautiful dining area Lorensberg apartment

minimalist dining room Lorensberg

modern white kitchen Lorensberg

dinamyc kitchen and dining area Lorensberg

colorful bedroom Lorensberg apartment

chic bedroom interior Lorensberg

modern white bathroom Lorensberg

white closed Lorensberg apartment