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11 Beautiful Collection Bedroom Design 2011 by Zara

March 24, 2011 Bedroom  

pink color bedding  zarah collection1

Take a good look at your current bedroom setup and decide how  decorating your bedroom. Take a look amazing collection bedroom design from Zara.  A white bedroom, chic bedroom or you want colorful bedding. Collection ethinc three different color palettes, intens petrol blue with accents of gray and turquoise, purple with a touch of bright blue and, finally, fuchsia with hints of brown mink.  Or you like this collection, these comes with a touch of Madagascar, which seamlessly blends traditional African roots with exquisite and elegant design.It ‘s a mix of ancestral roots with a modern and elegant European style Playing with lime green and deep black to provide light and another choice . So wich one  you choose to improve the atmosphere of your bedroom.

colorful zara collection

bedroom chic africa atmosphere by zara

bedroom chic africa atmosphere zara

bedroom chic nara by zara

soft country bedding zara

white country bedding zara

country bedding by zara

modern white bedroom  zarah

beautiful country bedding by zara

beautiful  flower bedroom by zara

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